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Jacob Monty serves as managing partner of Houston-headquartered Monty & Ramirez LLP, an employment, labor and immigration law firm focused on representing companies with large Hispanic workforces. He has worked for companies with large Hispanic workforces for 18 years, defending them in lawsuits, investigations by Federal and state agencies, and helping them win union elections. He is passionate about defending his clients and also about the Hispanic worker. His clients range from family-owned enterprises to publicly traded companies. He brings a wealth of real-world knowledge to the reader. Professional exploits include defending employers involved in some of the largest raids and investigations by immigration customs and enforcement, and successfully winning for companies some of the largest elections. Jacob is also a vigorous Latino advocate. His expertise on Latinos has been sought after by the Bush White House and many political campaigns, both Republican and Democrat. In 2001 he was offered the then INS Commissioner position by President George W. Bush, but chose to stay in private practice. He also organized the first Latino Safety Summit in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2004.



By Jacob M. Monty and Sarah D. Monty-Arnoni,  EMPORION (April 2013)

Immigration reform in the United States is imminent. If the proposals on the table haven’t impacted your business yet, they will when law is passed. Forewarned is forearmed: “To be prepared is half the victory.” The Gringos Guide to Immigration Reform for Employers was written to do just that-prepare employers for new requirements in compliance, documentation and employer-employee relations. This book will teach you how to counteract undue union pressure, revise or create company policies and procedures, comply with new Form I-9 changes, manage healthcare benefits under ObamaCare, and more, including essential bonus material helpful for others who need to be preparing for changes now! Authors Jacob M. Monty and Sarah D. Monty-Arnoni bring many years of experience as legal counsel to both employers and foreign nationals to the pages of this book. NOW AVAILABLE ON APPLE IBOOKS.



U.S. employers of all sizes with Hispanic workforces will find The Gringo’s Guide an essential handbook. Monty, a Mexican American attorney based in Houston, Texas, delivers a practical and insightful, step by step guide to understanding the cultural nuances of Latinos, such as; humor, machismo, holidays, and family traditions, all of which factor into the successful integration of Hispanic workforces. In plain English, he presents the issues employers and management need to know: immigration, unionization, pay, vacation and more—including the surprising details of Monty’s own undercover experience as an illegal immigrant worker.



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